100% Australian Built, Managed, Maintained Websites

We build, manage and maintain your website so you don't have to!

We Build Amazing Websites

Anyone can build a website, but building a high-converting website is fundamental to grow your business. We work with you to build a website that not only you'll love, but a website that converts.

Stand out from the crowd with an amazing custom built website with Techyy!

Our Development Process

  • Concept - we find out exactly what you want and need
  • Design - we seek out the most suitable platform and build a prototype
  • Develop - we build your website and get ready to launch it
  • Iterate & Optimise - we gather feedback and make improvements where necessary

We Host Your Website

Hosting your easy with Techyy. We host all websites in Sydney, Australia and you can manage your website with ease with cPanel - the web hosting industry's most reliable, intuitive control panel.

Plan Inclusions
Unlimited Premium Bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth allows your customers to consume as much content on your website as they need.

Unlimited Email Accounts

All web hosting plans include a basic email service that allows you to create an unlimited amount of email addresses.

Unlimited Domains

Add an unlimited number of websites to your hosting account.

Unlimited FTP Accounts

FTP Accounts offer another way to modify and access your website, or provide certain file access to users.

Free SSL Certificate

All plans include a FREE SSL certificates for your domain to ensure your customers browse your website on a fully encrypted and secure connection.

Send 1000 Emails Per Hour

Your account permits you to send up to 1000 emails per hour, enough for 90% of users.

Hourly Backups

Your website is automatically backed up every hour using Acronis Cloud Backup and you can restore your files at any time, giving you additional piece of mind.

Hardware Firewall

Our network is protected by Fortinet - a leading provider of hardware firewalls that offer additional protection from malicious attacks.

4000KB/s Disk I/O Speed

Disk I/O specifies how fast your website files can be read on the SSD hard drive.

Fully Redundant Network

Our network is fully redundant with over 40GB of local connectivity powered by Brocade and Extreme network appliances.

Simple One Click Installations
Easily install a number of leading Content Management Systems with one simple click. We provide one click installation for the following systems:
  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • phpBB
  • MediaWiki
  • SuiteCRM
Full Suite of Management Tools
  • Cron Jobs
  • File Manager
  • Image Manager
  • Website Analytics
  • Email Administration
  • Database Manager
  • Backup Wizard
  • PHP Configuration
  • User Manager
Security Features
Have complete control over the security of your website with the following tools:
  • SSH Access
  • IP Blocker
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Leach Protection
Server-Side Technologies
Your website can be written in the following technologies:
  • PHP
  • Phython
  • RubyGems
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Cloudflare

We Manage Your Websites

Let the experts manage and maintain your website for you so you can focus on what you do best! Your Business.

Ensure your website is maintained correctly by skilled web masters, content writers and UX designers.

Techyy's Website Management service can complete any requirement that you may have:

  • Updating Content
  • Creating New Pages
  • Adding New Functionality

As a minimum, we will also ensure:

  • Your website is always up to date (if you are using an open source solution like Wordpress)
  • Review performance & SEO errors
  • Provide you with detail report on your website visitors

Register Your Domain names

Register your domain name with Techyy to ensure your name is owned by you - not a reseller. All .au domain name's are registered in your ABN or ACN meaning you have full authority to that name.

Domain Inclusions
Self Management Portal

Your online customer portal enables you to have full control of your domain name, and make changes when you need to.

ID Protection

Prevent your personal information from being looked up in the public WHOIS directory. Note: Not all domains support this feature.

Register and Transfer Lock

Prevent your domain name being transferred to ensure complete security of your domain name.


Allow you to modify and change the nameservers for your domain. This allows you to host your website wherever you like.

Child Nameservers

Allows you to create child nameservers of your domain like

DNS Hosting

Let us host your DNS for you, so you can add, change or delete your records when suitable.

Instant Registration

Register your domain with Techyy within minutes. No waiting around for manual approval.

auDA ISS Accredited Registrar

We register your domain name through a ISS certified and an accredited registrar.

Email Forwarding

Easily forward all emails sent to your domain to another email address.

Website Forwarding

Redirect your customers to another website with ease.

Available Domain Extensions
Australian Domain Names Extensions
  • .melbourne
  • .sydney
Popular Domain Names Extensions
  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .biz
  • .co
International Domain Names Extensions
  • .nz
  • .me
  • .io
How to choose a domain name?
Choosing a domain name is very similar to registering a business name. There's a few things to keep in mind.
  • Use an appropriate extension
  • Keep it short
  • Make it memorable
  • Don't use hyphens
  • Don't use numbers
  • Make it relevant

We Host Your Emails

In today's era, Email is one of the most important tool we use for business and customer communication. Work smarter with enterprise-grade email with Techyy.

G Suite
Love using Gmail? With G Suite, you can harness the power of Gmail for your business email.
Exchange 365
Exchange 365 is Microsoft's Enterprise email solution, based off
Round Cube is an open source email client which comes bundled with most web hosting plans.
AtMail is a leading email management platform for corporate businesses.
Unique Professional Email Address
Order your perfect email address, such as