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LEADGEN CRM by Techyy has been built from the ground up with over 60 million business listings. LEADGEN CRM is Techyy's in-house developed B2B Lead Generation Machine for B2B Lead Generation.

Find business based in industry and location and access their contact information, location to craft targeted marketing campaigns..

Start generating leads today with Techyy's Free B2B Lead Generation Software and fuel your lead generation campaign.


LEADGEN CRM's powerful search function allows you to search over 60 million business, retrieving businesses within a particular industry and location. Create your FREE LEADGEN CRM account, enter your search criteria to find all your leads in one simple place.

Search by natural text

Our natural search box means you can find your exact audiance. Search for business like

  • Hairdressers in Melbourne
  • Financial Accounts in Brisbane
  • Travel Agents in Sydney

Or, simply choose your target suburb, search radius and your industry.

Up to 60 Leads per search

For every search you perform, we return up to 60 leads. LeadGen CRM is the most cost-effective B2B Lead Generator service on the market.

To sweeten the deal, all free accounts can access up to 6000 B2B Leads, free!

Save your Leads and increase your database

Save, store and add notes to your new found leads. Easily access all available contact information and business details for access for later on.

Find Leads in your targeted industry

Building Inspectors: Search for Real Estate Agents in your serviceable locations to increase referral business

Tour Operators: Search for accommodation venues and attractions in your pax's travel location

Hair & Beauty Manufacturers: Find beauty salons and hair dressers to stock your products

Car Rental Services: Find car repair garages to partner with loner car offers

Manufacturers: Find stores and to stock your products

Kickstart your Cold Calling

Cold calling is the process of calling a business where you have no previous conversation history with. It is a call that is out of the blue where you sell them your product or service.

LeadGen CRM provides you with the telephone number of businesses that meet your search criteria to enable you to start your personalised cold calling campaigns

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Sign up to LeadGen CRM through Techyy Tools and instantly receive 100 free searches, which return up to 60 results per search. That's an amazing 6000 free leads. A credit card is also NOT required.