CRM Solutions

We help find you the perfect CRM for your business

At Techyy, we specialise in sourcing and customising CRM Solutions that fit your business requirements.

Why businesses need a 90% CRM Solution

Every business is different and therefore every business has it's unique requirements. Therefore, one solution does not fit all. Regardless, CRM's are designed to support your business with managing all types of records from who your leads are, you your customers are, your projects, phone calls, tasks and so much more!

We do the hard work 90% for you

Every businesses is unique, and therefore, every CRM needs to be different. That is why we do all the hard work for you, setting up your CRM to your unique specifications.

We are the CRM experts who guarantee we can find you a CRM solution that meets most of your requirements.

What else can a CRM do for you?

Contact us to see, and we'll source, install, configure and customise a CRM specific to your business needs.

What's your CRM requirements?

Let us know what your CRM requirements and we'll be in contact with you as soon as possible..