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We Digitally Transform & Grow Businesses

We unleash businesses full potential by solving problems with digital solutions.

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What is your Digital Strategy?

Do you have a Digital Strategy for your business? If not, what has stopped you?

Do not get left behind by your competitors who have implemented a digital strategy because you do not have the time, knowledge, information or skills. That is why we are here to help you. Do not fear the unknown or resist change.

At Techyy, we digitally transform businesses. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to solve problems and implement digital solutions.

There is no one size fits all approach, so we spend time to understand your current processes and your pain points to deliver a solution that can increase your market share, automate manual and labour-intensive processes that returns a positive return on investment.

Let’s say implementing digital tools costs you $1000/year, which you save 30 minutes per day (2.5 hours per week) from doing painful and boring tasks. At an average hourly rate of $45/hour, you’ve already saved yourself well over $5850 a year, plus you’ve also got an extra 130 hours that you can use reinvest back into your business or spend time with your family. You have essentially a five fold return on investment.

What are you waiting for? Speak to us for a free 30-minute Digital Strategy discussion to see what opportunities exist for your business.

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How we grow and support your business

We work with you to solve your business problems through a digital strategy.

Marketing & Promotion

Explode your sales through powerful digital marketing campaigns that delivers strong returns on investments.

Social | Paid | Email | SMS | Direct Mail

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Business Services

Find efficiencies in your current process through use of technology and improving customer data.

Data | Consulting | Processes

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We build, host & manage website's so you can focus on doing what you do best!

Web Hosting | Domains | Development | Maintenance

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Have piece of mind your computer systems are running 100%

Server Administration | Computer Support | Networking | Emails

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Training & Education

Learn new skills with Techyy's training programs. Online or 1:1 in person with courses tailored to you.

Marketing | Computer Skills | Website

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Techyy Tools

Our own in-house developed software to support businesses

LeadGen CRM | Voice Alerts | Telephone Survey's | and more

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A little about us and our story

Located on the Mornington Peninsula, Techyy provides Digital Marketing expertise and IT support and services to local businesses.

We pride ourselves on our open and honest services, friendly support and knowledgeable skills.

We don’t see ourselves as an outsourcing agency, but more of an extension of your business or team.

We’re goal orientated and commit to your success, providing you with realistic outcomes – not over-exaggerated and unrealistic promises.

Open & Honest

We tell it as it is and walk you through step-by-step of the entire process.

We Work For You

We treat your business as if it were ours.

Long Term Partnership

We're not an agency, we're a partner and an extension of your business.

Training & Education

We believe knowledge transfer makes the world a success. If you're willing to learn, we're willing to educate.

Our promise to you

Our Promise To You

  • We Are Committed To Excellence
  • We Provide You With Realistic Outcomes
  • We Treat Your Business Like It Were Ours
  • We are 100% Transparent With You

Are You Ready To Start?

  • Grow Your Business
  • Improve Your Processes
  • Update Your Website
  • Improve Your Technology

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What our clients say about us!

  • We love working with Techyy! We hired Jack nearly 2 years ago to help us with digital marketing, web improvements, data management and IT support and we couldn't be happier! Jack exceeded our expectations from day one. The quality of his work is excellent. His strategic thinking, knowledge, experience and professionalism is appreciated by every single staff member. Jack loves solving problems and finding better ways to do things. As well as being highly responsive and super reliable, he is very easy to work with and really generous when it comes to sharing his knowledge and upskilling our staff. Highly recommend!
    Samantha McCrow
    RAW Travel
  • We have recently moved our business over to Techyy and couldn’t be happier! After years of frustration working with big IT companies that keep you on hold for hours, and don’t even help, Techyy has got our website and emails up and running better than ever and been a HUGE help to our business. Absolutely amazing customer service, prompt and friendly communication and Jack resolved all of our IT problems quickly and effectively. Thank you Techyy!
    Hypatia Henderson
    Mathews Industrial Products Pty Ltd
  • I have been extremely happy working with Jack over the years and find his knowledge and quality of work to be exceptional which is why I have recommended him to other colleagues in my industry.
    Damien Barr
    Victorian House Inspections
  • As a motivational speaker and facilitator of high performing leadership programs it is important I use my time to focus on mentoring and coaching people, the last thing I want to be focusing on are IT issues. Meeting Jack many years ago gave me an opportunity leave the IT issues with him, I was fortunate to have Jack give me ‘real,’ easy to understand instructions to follow when I did experience difficulties and importantly Jack was always able to respond in a very timely manner.
    Don Elgin
    Motivational Speaker
  • Thank you for all your IT help and service. We appreciate your friendly manner and your willingness to 'walk' through any problems or concerns with those of us for whom technology is still a puzzle. People will appreciate your friendly approach, professionalism and IT skills.
    Jo Ussing
    Westprint Maps
  • Techyy have been looking after our computers over the past 3 years with regards to problems, upgrades and programs. We have been delighted with his very prompt attention, knowledge of computers and the speed of getting us back on line. We have no hesitation in commending Techyy's services.
    Phillip McGibbony
    Nupave Decorative Concrete
  • Techyy provided our business with much needed IT support when our computer crashed. Techyy came to our workplace and worked through a number of IT issues which were subsequently fixed. We were extremely happy with the outcome as our business relies on constant access to our IT equipment.
    Prudence Martyn
    Battaglia Concreting
  • Jack has always been responsive and has been able to provide solutions through clear explanations whenever I have requested information. Jack has exceeded my expectations in terms of customer service, I am very happy to have been referred to him. The quality of his work has been faultless. He has saved me time by providing the solutions for me instead of me having to research and understand what I need to know. Very competitive rates and customer service exceeding expectations.
    Libby Bracchi
    CRT People Solutions